Documentation Services

Williston Technical Writing is a documentation development firm, specializing in providing documentation, training and development and archival services to the energy, industrial and petrochemical industries. We specialize in document development, process-based procedures, regulatory compliance, project turnover/close-out books and many other forms of critical operational documentation.

Companies operating in North Dakota, often struggle to produce documentation that meets these requirements, due to lack of resources. We track all project deliverables at a detailed level, so you don’t have to, and we streamline the quality control process and provide data integrity, accessible in multiple formats, every step of the way.

The demand for technical documentation that will provide the crucial information needed – precisely and consistently – has the potential to be a daunting task. Williston Technical Writing excels at this task.

Secure FTP Submissions/Archival Services

Williston Technical Writing understands how overwhelming sending and receiving documentation, via the standard channels of communication and delivery, can be. Our alternative is to provide each client a secure FTP to upload their completed documentation, to review developed documents and to send and receive deliverables. Submitting documentation in various forms of development and completion shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience.

Archiving required documentation seems simple enough. Put it in a box and store it. Right? Which project documentation needs to be stored? For how long? Who uploads the electronic version? How is it catalogued?

Williston Technical Writing understands how daunting this seemingly-simple task can be and provides confidence in knowing your hardcopy documentation has been securely packaged, catalogued, uniquely numbered and archived. In short, we know exactly where it is, and we can have that hardcopy documentation to you as quickly as you require.

Project Compilation & Submittal

The days of the “Wild West” are far behind us in the Bakken. With the successful completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as our thousands of operating wells, all eyes are now upon the construction and operation of Bakken assets. With that success comes extensive responsibility and accountability. Williston Technical Writing understands that the requirements of most oil & gas operators within the Bakken have become more extensive. Williston Technical Writing will develop the required/necessary documentation to meet your company’s unique standards. Additionally, Williston Technical Writing will assist your staff in navigating and complying with the Operator’s issued documentation, ensuring that your company submits detailed, accurate documentation of each project that it’s awarded.

Document Development

Williston Technical Writing understands the importance of recognizing, evaluating and being perceptive to the unique components of each customer’s needs. Working with a firm that understands your process, industry, locale and distinct requirements is of the utmost importance. And as such, we pair your internal experts with our extensive industry experience to develop the best documentation possible for your company.


Documentation is generated quickly, and it needs to be compiled and organized into an accurate, cohesive package just as quickly. Williston Technical Writing is based in the Bakken and readily available. Williston Technical Writing believes that every document we create, amend, edit, upload, package and/or archive is done so to the highest of industry standards; Accurately and concisely – each and every one.


Is your company past due in streamlining their documentation processes and procedures? Williston Technical Writing will work directly with your staff to identify the gaps and implement simple processes and procedures that will eliminate the feeling of “drowning in documentation.”

Bulk/Mass Uploading

Williston Technical Writing offers proficiency in multiple software applications, as well as Electronic Document Management System uploading and publishing of documentation, focusing on providing our clients clear solutions to documentation transparency, access and management.


Williston Technical Writing is comprised of well-versed documentation specialists who have actual experience in the Oil & Gas Industry; As in, we have actually worked in the Bakken oilfields, in various professional capacities. Having that core base of knowledge and experience, in our industry, is priceless when it comes to compiling and/or developing project documentation, archival requirements, D.O.T. projects and accurately recording the correct documents with the N.D.I.C.


Trademarking your uniquely-developed processes and procedures and/or documentation legally binds those processes and procedures to your company. Williston Technical Writing understands that not every process or document developed will be an “industry standard.” And as such, Williston Technical Writing will trademark each developed document and/or process on your company’s behalf, if so desired. The worry of your company’s documentation leaving, when an employee does, is eliminated.

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