Secure FTP Submissions / Archival Services

Williston Technical Writing understands how overwhelming sending and receiving documentation, via the standard channels of communication and delivery, can be. Our alternative is to provide each client a secure FTP to upload their completed documentation, to review developed documents and to send and receive deliverables. Submitting documentation in various forms of development and completion shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking experience.

Archiving required documentation seems simple enough. Put it in a box and store it. Right? Which project documentation needs to be stored? For how long? Who uploads the electronic version? How is it catalogued?

Williston Technical Writing understands how daunting this seemingly-simple task can be and provides confidence in knowing your hardcopy documentation has been securely packaged, catalogued, uniquely numbered and archived. In short, we know exactly where it is, and we can have that hardcopy documentation to you as quickly as you require.

User Name: williston
Password: **********

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