About Us

Williston Technical Writing is a privately-owned, woman-owned business in Williston, North Dakota. We are comprised of a diverse group of uniquely-qualified, formerly-corporate professionals, including but not limited to: Construction Superintendents, Mechanical and Petrochemical Engineers, Lease Operators, Court Recorders, Document Control Experts, Commissioning Professionals, QA/QC Inspectors, Turnover Coordinators and even a few published authors.

Williston Technical Writing is a technical writing, editing and archival company with a staff of technical writers, editors, experienced field hands and oil & gas construction experts. We will produce a single report or a complete turnover package from concept through completion.

We will work directly with your inhouse experts to deliver a quality product that exceeds your expectations; on time and within budget. We are committed to reducing the workload of our clients and increasing each clients’ productivity. Many of our clients find our level of experience and knowledge an unexpected-but-welcome benefit, because they soon realize that there is no need for the constant handholding.

Our work ethic and experience ensures that we meet the requirements of our clients … consistently and precisely.

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